Why Work With Us?

  Our way of working at Selfcare Solution and Global Services (SCSGS) is about providing great business solutions in the best possible way - and it’s about you and your success.

  It's about the qualities and skills you bring to your role in the support, development and job satisfaction you expect in return. It's about sharing common priorities for improvement and embracing our values, respecting each other as individuals and working together as colleagues.

  Our way describes SCSGS– our purpose and our vision for development in the future, our priorities for our clientele, and our values, which define the way we work and behave towards our clientele and each other as colleagues.

  For staff at SCSGS this is our way of working, our way of behaving, our way of striving for excellence in all we do.

Emerging Careers

SelfCare Solution and Global Services (SCSGS) periodically posts job vacancies in this section. Select the vacancy that interests you and that best suits your professional profile, and the Human Resources department will automatically receive your application.